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Saturday shift begins. Hallensteins come in and buy dope shit! And listen to some soul!

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For those of you who missed the Minnie Riperton tribute last night in Downtown LA I thought I’d share a little rehearsal recording taken the day before at our rehearsal for the show. There will be more official footage to come from the performance (the night was recorded and filmed!) but for those of you who follow the Catacombs, I have created this space for the less official insights & a chance to share some of the things I keep and record on the sidelines. 

The night was such a blessing and incredible tribute to Minnie Riperton, an artist who left us too soon, but what a legacy and spirit she left behind. It was truly resurrected in the music last night! What blew me away was the kindness beauty, and passion of every singer involved in this show too. Honoured to have been a part of the night!

So here’s a little iPhone recording of my rehearsal for ‘Inside My Love’ (one of the straight up smoothest, most beautiful songs ever) & some photos of the night. 

Highlight: When the legendary Leon Ware (writer & producer of the song ‘Inside My Love’ with Minnie herself!) completely surprised everyone (including me!) and joined me on stage out of the blue to sing the song with me. What a trip. Image and video hosting by TinyPic

RIP Minnie. Your music lives on & flowers endlessly in our hearts.

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How do get into fashion shows?! It's amazing!



How To Sneak Into A Fashion Show:

1. Dress in your ordinary, everyday clothes – your favourite jeans and sneakers or at least something you’ll feel comfortable wearing. Fashion security guards are like birds of prey: they can sense fear in a single collar re-adjustment.

2. On the flipside, wear something so outlandish that every streetstyle blogger within a 100 metre radius spontaneously combusts. You’ll get in on fabulousness alone. A guy in Paris stood outside Ann Demeulemeester with what looked like a frying pan on his head. And he got in.

3. Download architectural blueprints to the venue. There is always an alternative entry point.

4. Get yourself in the middle of the catwalk photographers. They’re big, they’re angry, and they’ll wait for nobody. When they move, you move. Just like that.

5. The same goes for a group entering enmasse. Walk way too close to the person in front of you. That way it’s not technically your fault if the security guard can’t see your invitation (or lack thereof).

6. Befriend/bribe a model. They’ll talk circles around any PR agent.

7. Be having the most important phone call of your life as you walk past security. Give them a tiny nod and keep going. If they try to stop you, keep going. It’s a matter of life and death. You’re on deadline!

8. Three words: Hi Vis Vest.

9. If you can’t just walk in, wait in the standing queue. More often than not, they’ll let everybody in just before the lights go down.

9 1/2. Tell the PR agent you’re a diehard fan. Risky, but you never know. After all, they were fans once too.

10. Walk with purpose, and never ever look back. Once you’re through the door, you’re in. Nobody’s coming to get you. You’re one person in a room of hundreds. Go stand in the corner and enjoy yourself.

Rules for sneakiness in life basically.


Just a small pre-season tour over in NZ this month. Great initiative!

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